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Get To Know Me

Hello! I’m Julia but you can call me Jules.

I have led an incredibly fun and social life in media advertising for over 12 years, and want to bring my passion, energy and love for presenting in front of BIG crowds to your event. 


I am an authorised marriage celebrant, based in Sydney, and can marry couples all over NSW and anywhere in Australia. 


I am your modern celebrant who focuses on curating bespoke and memorable ceremonies, that can be personalised and reflective of you as a couple!


I love meeting new people, getting on the same wavelength and creating laughter-filled, memorable ceremonies for you and your guests.

Please get in touch so we can connect to create your dream ceremony or event, together!

Our story

Let Our Adventure Begin

I promise to spend time to get to know you and ensure everything important is considered for your wedding ceremony or event.

It will be my honour to be involved in any of the following roles


Let’s get the party started!


Once your guests arrive at your wedding ceremony, I will ensure everything is in order so that you can get married! My role is all about making your big day as easy and relaxed as possible. Let me focus on the details, so you can both enjoy yourselves.


We’ll get together before the ceremony day to ensure we’ve covered absolutely everything!


As your celebrant, I will be available to answer any questions you may have in the lead up and we can create a magical, fun-filled experience that is truly a celebration of your love.

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Outdoor Wedding Altar

Elope in Sydney 

You’re thinking about a smaller ceremony option but wanting something more than a registry wedding?

Then eloping with me could be an option to consider! If you’re after a simple, fuss free ceremony, that allows you to get married to the love of your life without a huge crowd, we can arrange that anywhere in Sydney. 

This includes vows, Legals and Paperwork only. Minimum attendance required is myself (celebrant), couple getting married and 2 witnesses. We can still create a bespoke and meaningful ceremony with personalised vows, and ensure all the legalities are in order so that it’s official! You can choose the location anywhere in Sydney, and I will ensure the documents are signed, sealed and delivered

Afterwards you can celebrate in style wherever and with whomever you choose

Please get in touch if you’re thinking about eloping! 

MC Services

Why pick me as your MC?

As your MC, you can rely on me to bring the energy, laughter and most importantly ensure your event runs smoothly.


I work alongside everyone, including event planners & staff, photographers, videographers, DJs, speakers, and anyone else who is involved in your big day to make the magic happen!

Together, we will make sure your event is truly unique, all your requirements are included, and all your vendors are briefed accordingly.

With me as your MC, you can feel comfortable knowing the run sheet is taken care of and nothing is missed so that you and all your guests can truly enjoy the event.

Flower Decorations

Wedding MC

I have been a wedding MC for over 7 years, and have been fortunate to host incredible weddings in Bali, Thailand, Melbourne and Sydney.

As your wedding MC, I will continue the fun vibes from the ceremony to the reception, your guests will feel so comfortable with me around and I promise your reception has good humour, enthusiasm and love in the venue. 

Every couple and every wedding is bespoke. 

I will ensure all the introductions for your wedding party and speakers are personalised, sharp and entertaining so that they’re set up for their time to shine and turn the energy up before you enter!

We can work through all the various options and inclusions for your event that encapsulates the reception that let’s you have it all!

Wedding Venue

Event MC

In addition to weddings, I also love hosting all occasions including, but not limited to:

- Corporate Events
- Charity Events
- Baby Naming Ceremonies
- Vow Renewals
- Commitment Ceremonies


The majority of my MC duties is actually behind the scenes. It is integral to the success of the event, to have an experienced & professional MC who doubles as host and communications expert.


My experience ensures your event runs on time, staff and third parties involved understand their role and responsibilities throughout the event, speakers are prepped and everything runs smoothly.

Please get in touch, whatever event you are planning, I would love to get involved!

Get In Touch

I would love to connect! Please reach out with any questions or to set up a non-obligatory phone call or meet and greet
  • Can we write our own vows?
    Yes! Absolutely, I encourage you both to speak from the heart and create vows that are meaningful and unique.
  • How long will the ceremony go for?
    I create bespoke ceremonies that can range from 30 minutes to an hour, pending your requirements and inclusions
  • Will we meet before the wedding?
    Yes of course, our initial meeting can be arranged in person if you live in Sydney or via video call if based anywhere else in Australia, and I will ensure further necessary meetings are arranged as needed
  • Do you have a PA system?
    Yes, save the hiring of additional PA system. I will provide a portable bluetooth speaker and cordless microphone, suitable for your ceremony or event. If you have specific AV requirements, please ensure you include the details so we can work out what's best for your event
  • Will you travel beyond Sydney?
    Absolutely! I am authorised to conduct marriage ceremonies all across Australia If you are keen for me to marry you outside of Sydney, please include your location in your enquiry so I can incude the travel quote
  • How much is it going to cost?
    All ceremonies are custom and bespoke, based on your requirements and inclusions. Send me an enquiry so we can chat through what you're looking for and i'll get back to you with a quote to ensure everything you desire is included in a special occasion.
  • What other services do you provide?
    Civil Marriage Celebrant Wedding Reception MC Vow Renewal Baby Naming Events Corporate Event MC
  • Can we incorporate our own rituals and traditions to the ceremony?
    Yes absolutely! I will work with you to ensure everything is considered and included for your special occasion
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Contact Me

Thank you, I will respond within 5 business days


“To describe Jules’ celebrancy work as A+ would be a horrific understatement. From our very first meeting until the final moments of our ceremony, she was a genuine superstar. Jules made sure that every detail and moment of this beautiful rollercoaster surpassed the romance of our dreams. After the ceremony ended, multiple guests asked us if we had written Jules’ speech for her. We said no. We said that Jules was just that good at nailing our tone of voice. We said that she tailored the ceremony to our exact desires and needs. If you’re getting married, you’d be foolish not to ask Jules to be your celebrant. Yes, she’s really that good at this game.”

Joel & Izy

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